Benefits of using an online document management system 

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An online document management system, also known as online DMS, is intended to provide necessary technology and methods to store, manage and share information within an organization, as well as make them securely stored and shared between users. Online document management systems are most commonly used for uploading and sharing business documents, and depending on the system, these documents can include text documents, JPEG images, scanned contracts and similar documents, electronically signed documents etc.

DMS b e n e f i t s


Using a document management system has many benefits for a business. First of all, it makes business processes more efficient and productive. Today, most aspects of doing business have moved online, therefore we exchange emails instead of regular mail, interviews, conferences and meetings are often held via Skype, and the business documents are available online instead in a physical room where the papers are stored on the shelves. With a document management system, everything is in one place, online, easily available to every user with the access to the system and well organized. This helps business processes run smoothly and achieve maximum efficiency.

Another advantage is that the costs are reduced by using online dms. Imagine one company merging with another, with countless amounts of papers going back and forth by mail or courier. Not only that this method is slow, but it also costs money to send the papers this way. With online dms, the costs of sending the documents are reduced, because there are no postal fees to be paid. Everything is placed in an online setting, available to everyone involved in the process. Additionally, if you need to send several copies of the same document to different people or companies, it is fairly simple and again cheaper to do it by using an online dms. Those who need to receive the document should simply be granted access to the dataroom, from which they can download the document.

Using an online document management system also makes business processes consistent and repeatable, because it is possible to download the documents any number of times necessary, without having to copy and send the documents every time you start a new process.

Document retrieval is another important issue to discuss and a big advantage of online dms. Sending paper-based documents via mail can easily lead to the documents getting lost, especially if they are sent overseas or if they are sent frequently. With online dms, all the documents are in the same place, constantly, readily available for everyone who needs them. If something happens to the server, online dms should have a backup solution for the lost documents, so they can easily be retrieved, which is not the case with the documents lost in regular mail.


Last, but not least, online document management systems provide larger security than sending the documents in an old-fashioned way. This is why online document management systems are used for confidential business documents, rather than sending them via email, since on these systems they are more secure from getting into wrong hands.

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